Bike technology

professional shifting.

In the world of cycling, professionals, amateurs and recreational cyclists are making ever greater demands on their equipment. Manufacturers are responding with innovations in components and technologies. One example is shifting technology, which continues to evolve to make drivetrains easier and more reliable. This requires high-quality components, from gears to shifting mechanisms, that continue to function well under high loads.

innovation and industrialization.

In partnership with the manufacturer, we have designed several complex, high-precision parts for MIM production for an innovative switch technology. With multiphysics simulations, we were able to calculate and optimize their behavior. Thanks to the combination of freedom of form and excellent material properties offered by MIM, the assembly of these parts results in a robust switching system. We took on industrialization of the system and are now producing the parts in large numbers.

Bike tool developed and made by Demcon metal injection moulding