advanced solutions
for complex parts.

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advanced solutions
for complex parts.

Driven by curiosity and building on broad technological expertise, Demcon Metal Injection Moulding makes optimal use of the special potential offered by Demcon’s metal injection moulding technology. We approach technical challenges with an open mind and, together with our customers, always seek the best solution. In solving these challenges, we harness the expertise of the entire Demcon group and guarantee the highest Dutch standards, all with a small ecological footprint.

Demcon metal injection moulding technology.

Metal injection moulding (MIM) is an innovative ‘net-shape’ technology for series production of complex shaped metal parts. From the start, Demcon MIM has strived to advance this technology to provide customers with the best product. Characterized by high accuracy, an eye for detail and a small ecological footprint, our technology is ideally suited to high-quality products with medical, industrial, automotive and many other applications. Let’s explore our production technology together.


challenges solved by applying Demcon’s MIM technology.

Based on our commitment to quality, we serve a variety of markets. Our metal injection moulding technology offers our customers appropriate solutions for applications in the medical or luxury goods industries, for example.

orthopedic fixation in trauma.

eye-catching metal lever for Secrid Premium collection

Innovative handcuffs made by Demcon MIM

innovative handcuffs

Multiple bike tools made by Demcon metal injection moulding

biketool: maximum MIM

more about Demcon metal injection moulding.

Demcon Metal Injection Moulding is a compact and versatile company. We are part of the Demcon group, a developer and manufacturer of technology and innovative products with 1,000+ employees. This means that we not only deliver a physical product to customers, but also provide full support, from concept design and product optimization to system testing. Thanks to the broad expertise available to us, we get from an innovative design to a component that we can produce in large numbers with our customers. Interested in the potential of our metal injection moulding technology? Contact us!

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