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Demcon MIM is specialized in metal injection moulding (MIM) of high-quality products. We provide design and production of complex products in small to medium series and large-scale manufacturing of ‘standard’ components. For MIM, we offer full support, from feasibility study, (re)design and prototyping to development of automated MIM production processes for large series.

advanced solutions for complex components.

Driven by curiosity and building on our broad technological expertise, we make optimal use of the special possibilities offered by metal injection moulding. We take on technical challenges with an open mind and, together with our customers, always seek the best solution. We control the entire MIM process thanks to the combination of in-house R&D, self-developed feedstock, and strategic cooperation. Where necessary, we make use of the broad knowledge and experience of the Demcon group. For example, we have access to specialists in engineering, industrial design, product analysis and industrialization. We also cooperate with other knowledge partners and mould manufacturers.


customer and result oriented.

At Demcon MIM, we strive for the optimal result for the customer by making maximum use of the possibilities of metal injection moulding. We always start from the customer’s needs and the requirements and preconditions that their application imposes. We therefore, invest in intensive contact and are transparent about the possibilities and limitations of our production technology. By participating in R&D projects for product and process development, we continue to renew and improve ourselves. In doing so, we keep an open eye for production techniques that can complement MIM. Everything to achieve the best fitting solution for the customer.


our history, our future.

Demcon MIM originated from a start-up in the field of metal injection moulding. Since 2004, we have been part of the Demcon group, a developer and producer of high-quality technology and innovative products with headquarters in Enschede. Having started in Apeldoorn and later moving to Oldenzaal, we have been based in Enschede since 2019, where we have taken up residence in the Demcon Technology Center. Here we are part of the Demcon Campus and have the most modern facilities. We have the space here to continue to grow in a sustainable way with product innovation and process development.


developing solutions and making impact.

Demcon Group was the result of the passion of the founders for solving challenging technological and social issues. We develop high-quality innovative and complex systems and products and can also take on the production. As such, we create value for our clients. In a society facing huge challenges, we carry out projects which have a positive impact on people and the world around them. We work on smart applications for health care, safety, water, energy, production, and communication. Besides technological innovation, we also focus on promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education

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Geschiedenis-over-ons-erik-dietrich Erik Dietrich

Applied research engineer

Geschiedenis-over-ons-robin-mulder Robin Mulder

Production engineer

Kutay Celik

Production engineer

Dennis Pentinga

Quality lead engineer

Marcel van Lit

Warehouse operator


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