biketool: maximum MIM.

The Demcon biketool is our personal pride and joy. This component acts as a platform for all the possibilities that MIM technology offers us. It combines a complex design with small and precise elements and comprehensive, high-performance functionality.


  • light due to optimal use of strength
  • detailed design
  • multifunctional

freedom of form and quality.

The Demcon biketool contains all the functions that may be needed for small bike repairs on the road, for recovery of bike and cyclist. Like a chain punch, allen wrenches, a bit driver and a bottle opener. The design with rounded, double-curved surfaces demonstrates the freedom of form that MIM allows. The ‘cast-in’ text and polished surface show the high quality and level of detailing achievable with MIM.

complex design.

The freedom of form and functionality offered by MIM allows us to produce the complex design of this tool. The parts are characterized by small wall thicknesses and fine details. Through clever design, we have achieved a saving in weight, important for cyclists. At the same time, we save costs and reduce the footprint of this product.

“strong and shiny.”

Thanks to the clever choice of materials and functional post-treatment, the lightweight tool is strong enough to withstand the expected mechanical stress. The material allows for excellent polishing to obtain a visually appealing, “shiny” surface finish.