process steps.

This page will visualize the steps taken of the development of a MIM part, from green part to brown part.

Green part ”

manual rework.

While the part is still in its “green” state, directly after it is injection moulded, there is the possibility to rework the part to get rid of (bramen) or enlarge holes.

Demcon metal injection moulding employee checking green part

(semi-)automatic rework.

Since 2020, Demcon MIM installed its own, semi-automatic robot. This gives Demcon MIM the chance of faster rework of the green parts and the possibility of higher volume production in shorter processing times.


water bath.

One polymer of the binder in the green part is biodegradable and gets fully dissolved in the water bath. With this, half of the polymeric binder is resolved in this step.

Green parts in debinding bath

Debinding oven

When the green parts have dried they are ready for the second debinding step. In this oven the rest of the polymer will be burned of, resulting in a brown part that is completely polymer free.

Debinding oven Demcon MIM
Brown part ”