eye-catching metal lever for Secrid Premium collection.

The SECRID wallet, a cardholder and wallet in one, is an attractive product. The wallet’s minimalistic design protects cards against bending, breaking and unwanted RFID and NFC communication. A lever with a complex shape operates the patented mechanism that slides the cards out the wallet in a staggered pattern. To further improve the appearance of these high-quality products, SECRID decided to make the lever of a high-gloss stainless steel instead of plastic. SECRID engaged Demcon metal injection moulding for this purpose to exploit the freedom of design and high degree of finish provided by metal injection moulding (MIM).


  • high quality, long service life
  • light and strong
  • progressive aesthetic appearance
  • reinforces the iconic SECRID click

copied and distinctive design.

Initially, the lever was a typical plastic injection molded component: a complex shaped, ergonomically responsibly designed component that combines multiple functions. For the new Premium Collection, SECRID developed a series of high-quality products in which the plastic lever was replaced by a high-gloss, polished stainless steel lever. We copied the original design and optimized it for production using metal injection molding.

high-quality finish, strict inspection regime.

We use a wide range of techniques, such as high-gloss polishing, to finish our products. This gives the metal lever an attractive appearance. After polishing, we subject the levers to a strict inspection regime, before supplying them to SECRID.

favorable material properties.

The high strength and corrosion resistance of the selected material guarantee the lever’s extended service life. The metal lever reinforces the iconic SECRID click that is audible when you retrieve the cards from the card protector. The lever’s metal and weight give the user a high-quality feeling and a premium experience.

"a high-quality experience for the Secrid Premium collection."

Our MIM technology enables us to replace the plastic components of consumer goods with high-quality metal parts. For example, we assisted SECRID in elevating their wallets to a higher wallet segment. Furthermore, we were able to make a contribution to keeping production in the Netherlands.