orthopedic fixation in trauma.

If acute trauma requires immediate stabilization, an external orthopedic fixation can be applied. On behalf of medical technology company Fixus, we redesigned and produced a user-friendly fixation. The Fixus Variis can fixate different limbs in trauma, including from shin to ankle or from wrist to elbow.


  • full range of motion
  • user and patient friendly design
  • high strength
  • good cleanability

user- friendly.

The external fixation is versatile in its applications and features. The Fixus Variis offers full 360° freedom of movement thanks to the flexible placement of the pins. The freedom of movement is achieved by the incline and swivel movement that the complex geometry of the device allows. Using only one clamp, pins and rods can be fixed to each other. Multiple sizes of pins and bars are available per clamp. In this way, we have developed a user-friendly product.


We have worked with Fixus to redesign the part that secures the angle of fixation. This particularly concerns the low teeth in the part that must have a high strength that is not achievable in plastic or aluminum. With the high-quality stainless steel that we can process in our MIM process, the required strength can be achieved.

"our design contributes to optimal recovery."

In the redesign, we focused on the user and patient friendliness of the Fixus Variis. An important aspect is the complete and reliable cleaning of the parts. We therefore, made the MIM parts out of stainless steel. Because the fixation is often used close to open wounds and may come into contact with them, contamination must be avoided. Hence the importance of good cleanability. In this way, our design contributes to the optimal recovery of the patient.