locking systems

more functionality, higher strenght.

Closing systems for windows and doors are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The demands are increasing as windows become larger and frames narrower, whilst more functionality is required, such as the combination of turn, tilt, and slide. This requires, more complex hinges that are also subjected to heavier loads. For many manufacturers, this is the reason for switching from cast aluminum products to steel MIM products for locking systems.

more detail, higher quality.

MIM is very suitable for advanced locking systems because the technique lends itself to the production of strong, finely detailed components (from 0.5 grams) with the desired material properties. (Cylinder) locks, for example, nowadays contain more and more functionality. With MIM small parts can be produced in great detail and with the highest quality. Very different locking systems are handcuffs. We make stainless steel parts that have to meet high requirements for accuracy and tensile strength, but still have to be lightweight.